We know that clean water and sanitation has become a key piece of living a happy and healthy life across the globe; however, not all nations are lucky enough to enjoy access to these vital and necessary resources.

In fact, in one of Africa’s largest nations, the Democratic Republic of Congo, only 42% of the population has access to basic water and 29% has access to sanitation . Despite the fact that this country maintains large sources of freshwater, its water security is low as a result of economic and governance constraints.

And that’s where Aderc Canada comes in. We have been working tirelessly to help raise funds in order to dig sustainable water wells for rural communities in need in the Congo.

So far, we’ve been able to partner with local experts to identify areas where water well digging will prove most successful.

We’ve found water, which is great, but it won’t serve the people that need it without the construction of the well.

Now is the difficult part, and where you can step in to help.

We are working to raise $30,000 so that we can fund the construction of a well that will be crucial to the wellbeing of over 10,000 people.

Every dollar counts and will be used to support families that need it most.

Here’s how you can support us too:

For every donation you make, you’ll receive a tax receipt and the comfort of knowing that you made a difference in the lives of many Congolese families. 

These individuals deserve clean and safe water, and you can help make it happen.